Terms & Conditions for Entry.

How To Participate?

Kindly upload your story in the displayed form.  Please be sure you write your story in a separate word document such as Word, OpenOffice or another word processing program — or else it may be lost if written entirely in the form should you accidentally close the window.

  • Make sure you write your title in sentence case and not in all caps. Once Upon a Time, and not ONCE UPON A TIME.
  • Please submit your story as one post, not Part 1, Part 2. etc. There’s no word limit for story submissions that aren’t in a competition.
  • Be sure you’re submitting a story that can be considered a fairy tale, folk tale, or fable.
  • Your story may qualify to be published once the competition is live. The stories must be a minimum of 300 words and maximum of 5000 words.
  • Winners will be announced, acknowledged and attributed when their tales are published.

stories not permitted?

  • Non-stories (lists, polls, previews, challenges, author notes etc.)
  • Adult content (sex, self-harm, graphic violence)
  • Discriminatory & Offensive Speech
  • Stories in unintelligible language or in languages other than English
  • Stories that cannot be considered a fairy tale, folk tale, fable, or folklore
  • Any content plagiarized from an author or existing work